BSMA COVID-19 Webinar



On the 12th of April the BSMA hosted a special COVID-19 Webinar to discuss the effects the coronavirus pandemic has had on the Somali community.

The webinar was oversubscribed, reflecting the significant concern present in the community about COVID-19. 

The webinar started off with Session 1 where we went over at the science behind the pandemic, followed by talks in the medical management of coronavirus.  Important topics such as intensive care, Do Not Resuscitate (DNAR) forms and End of Life care were also covered.

Session 2 focused on the effects the pandemic has had on the community. In this session we had important talks on the UK community’s experience so far, whether the Somali community is truly at greater risk, and also the effects COVID-19 has had on health and social services.

If you missed this must see webinar, you can watch it in full on zoom, by clicking here.

You can also visit our dedicated COVID19 page, where we have a collection of videos and leaflets in Somali. 

BSMA COVID-19 Social media campaign

The BSMA launched its COVID-19 Social media campaign this week in response to the pandemic, which has had a severe impact on the British Somali Community.

Although Public Health England’s messages on social distancing and hand washing are ubiquitous, there is a lack of information in Somali.

Therefore our Community outreach team has made our first COVID19 video in Somali to reinforce the importance of social distancing and hand washing.

Watch the whole video below:

Somali Mental Health Awareness- Leicester


On the 25th of January, the BSMA held its 2nd Community Mental Health Awareness programme in Leicester.

Organised by our Community outreach team (led by Dr. Samira Hassan), the event was held in collaboration with Women4Change, a local non-profit organisation that strives to empower, educate and engage local women and youth in the community.

The event was very well attended, many community members attended to hear from local British Somali mental health professionals and community leaders.

Invited speakers at the event included:

  • Cigaalo Jaamac
    • A Leicester based Youth Support Worker and co-founder of the Somali Coaching Academy.
  • Ismail Ismail
    • A clinical Team Leader and Mental Health Nurse at Nottinghamshire NHS Foundation Trust.
  • Amina Mussa Wehelie
    • A senior broadcaster, life coach and mental health advocate based in Birmingham.
  • Loyan Abdi Ali
    • A qualified pharmacist and local islamic scholar at Al-Furqan Islamic Centre.

BSMA Launch Gala


The 14th of December 2019 saw the largest ever gathering of UK Somali medics (and other healthcare professionals) at the BSMA Launch Gala in London.

A fun, loud and above all incredibly inspiring evening was hosted by our own Dr. Sakaria Ali and Dr. Hafsa Ahmed.

The evening began with the President’s speech- Dr. Zakariye Ashkir spoke about why the BSMA was needed and what we are hoping to achieve. Following on from this, Dr. Samira Hassan spoke about the BSMA’s Community Outreach programme, which had started to to see some great early success and was building momentum.

We then had a fun ice-breaker challenge in which our guests took part in a Somali medical terms quiz. It was fair to say that we saw a wide range in abilities!

In the second part of the evening, we had great talks from our inspiring guest speakers. We were privileged to have with us: