The BSMA has an enduring commitment to addressing the healthcare issues facing the British Somali community. 

Since our inception, the BSMA is proud to have been able to successfully deliver multiple community and youth events. Our members, with help from others including Somali allied healthcare professionals have been able to give back to the community and inspire the next generation along the way.
The BSMA intends to continue to collaborate with local communities to deliver a compact and sustainable programme of events to address unmet needs, focusing specifically on conditions and issues deemed to be of particular significance to the community such as mental health and cancer screening.
Our activities can be broadly divided into Community outreach and Widening participation.

Community Outreach

We have a dedicated community outreach team with regional representatives (North, Midlands, London & South) which is tasked with organising and running our Community Health Promotion and Health Education Programme.
Recently we launched a Mental Health Awareness event in Birmingham which saw close to two hundred community members attend, and was broadcasted on Universal TV.
Currently our Community team is working hard to raise awareness and educate the Somali community on COVID19, which has so far taken a disproportionately high toll on the community.

Widening Participation

At the BSMA we feel strongly about widening access to a medical career. British Somali students and those of BAME backgrounds in general, are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to getting into medical school. Since 2018 we have been running our free Access2Medicine Programme designed specifically to give inner-city and BAME students an insight into a medical career and how to prepare a successful application to medical school. We have received great feedback and our Access2Medicine Course has had many success stories!
In addition to our Access2Medicine Programme, we have also developed and perfected an intensive Mock Medical School Interviews Course, aimed at polishing the interview skills of students who have secured interviews at UK medical schools. This course has proven to be very popular and is always oversubscribed.

Past BSMA Events

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