On the 12th of April the BSMA hosted a special COVID-19 Webinar to discuss the effects the coronavirus pandemic has had on the Somali community.

The webinar was oversubscribed, reflecting the significant concern present in the community about COVID-19. 

The webinar started off with Session 1 where we went over at the science behind the pandemic, followed by talks in the medical management of coronavirus.  Important topics such as intensive care, Do Not Resuscitate (DNAR) forms and End of Life care were also covered.

Session 2 focused on the effects the pandemic has had on the community. In this session we had important talks on the UK community’s experience so far, whether the Somali community is truly at greater risk, and also the effects COVID-19 has had on health and social services.

If you missed this must see webinar, you can watch it in full on zoom, by clicking here.

You can also visit our dedicated COVID19 page, where we have a collection of videos and leaflets in Somali.