On the 25th of January, the BSMA held its 2nd Community Mental Health Awareness programme in Leicester.

Organised by our Community outreach team (led by Dr. Samira Hassan), the event was held in collaboration with Women4Change, a local non-profit organisation that strives to empower, educate and engage local women and youth in the community.

The event was very well attended, many community members attended to hear from local British Somali mental health professionals and community leaders.

Invited speakers at the event included:

  • Cigaalo Jaamac
    • A Leicester based Youth Support Worker and co-founder of the Somali Coaching Academy.
  • Ismail Ismail
    • A clinical Team Leader and Mental Health Nurse at Nottinghamshire NHS Foundation Trust.
  • Amina Mussa Wehelie
    • A senior broadcaster, life coach and mental health advocate based in Birmingham.
  • Loyan Abdi Ali
    • A qualified pharmacist and local islamic scholar at Al-Furqan Islamic Centre.

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